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  We are starting a new non-profit organization called, Hostage Family Matters, to help family memebers (like us) who have loved ones being held hostage.

The website for Hostage Family Matters is:

Please feel free to visit this website also.  If you would like to become involved in some way with this organization, please feel free to contact us about this.

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Roy IS FREE!!!!!! 9/7/05


This website was created to honor my father who was held in Iraq as a hostage by Iraqi insurgents. 

On November 1, 2004 around dinner time, my Dad was taken hostage in a hail of gun fire by about 20 armed attackers.  Some of the Iraqi insurgents covered their faces and some didn't.  Also, some wore their traditional robes.  They all carried automatic weapons and a few carried rocket launchers, some reports say.  My Dad was among six taken in an upper class area of Baghdad.  He was the only American taken that day, and there are some reports that say another American got away.  This detail has never been verified to me however.  People who knew my Father witnessed him being abducted, and they reported it to authorities.  From what I understand my Dad lived and worked in the compound from which he was taken.  I sound unsure of myself because I did not know he was in Iraq when the kidnapping occurred.  I never knew he had moved there and was working there.  My Dad had lived in another country near-by (that is somewhat safer) for many years, so naturally I assumed he was still there.  I was shocked to hear he was kidnapped and living in Baghdad.  At first I didn't believe it was he that was taken hostage, because my father lived in a different country (or so I thought).  Well, as it turned out, it was my Dad and from there my shock disapated into a variety of emotions that I go through daily:  Anger, frustration, grief, depression, and at times, denial.

I can only imagine what my Dad was feeling as he was forced from his compound that November day.  I don't want to imagine how he has been treated since that day as I hear of "Torture Houses" being found in Baghdad that held American hostages.  Picturing in my Dad in those conditions is too much to bear.                                

-Now with the release of my Dad's hostage video.  My nightmares have become a reality. (I wrote the previous in January of 2005.)

Click on the picture to the left to see my Dad's video that was released by his captor's in January.

The article below gives you a glimpse of how some hostages are treated in Iraq.

In a press release of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq on November 11, 2004, General Richard Natonski, commander of the 1st Marine Division, described a "Slaughter House" used to house hostages.

"MG Natonski: The room was small.  There were no windows, just one door.  Inside the flag (the terrorist's banner) was on the wall.  There were two thin mattresses and straw mats covered in blood.  There was a computer and many computer discs found inside the room.  There was also a wheelchair, which we believe was used to move the prisoners around.  We believe they were bound and moved around the complex in a wheelchair.  There were several plastic chairs we believe belonged to the guards and we are now currently exploiting the material that was found in this room to see whether this was in fact a room that was used for execution by the insurgents of innocent Iraqis and foreigners."  I have read other horrible things that they have found in these houses, which I will not go into. 

From watching the video of my father, I can tell he is most likely usually bound (because he has plastic ties/cuffs around his wrists that are cut so that he may use his hands during the video).  It appears as though he may have a black scarf around his neck, which most likely is used as a blindfold. My Dad has very poor eye sight, and is not wearing his glasses.  So, besides being very ill he can not see even while making the video.  I see bruises on my father's head and he is practically gasping for air as he speaks.  I believe he does not have much longer to live due to the state of his health and the dangerous situation he is in.   I just hope someone helps him very soon, or it will be too late.


How to contact us:

Carrie Cooper

PO Box 947

Westminster, Ca. 92684

 Your  zikul prayers and concerns are what gave us strength during the most painful time of our lives.

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Carrie and Susan on "Good Morning America" to talk about my Dad

On December 19th, 2004, my Mom and I flew to New York to be guests on Good Morning America to talk about my father.  It felt good to talk about our tragedy after holding it in for so long, and to bring attention to my Dad's situation.  Since that time we have been back to New York and been on various other shows all in an effort to bring attention to my father's situation (and to keep the focus on his situation).  I believe that the more attention my Mom and I are able to bring to my Dad's crisis, the more likely something will be done about it and the more likely he will be released.

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I thank people who have contributed to supporting our cause on the "What's New" page and in various other places in the site.  If I have forgotten anyone- Thank you!

(Above) One of Many Newspaper Stories About My Dad

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