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The Links Below Have Some Significance To My Dad's Kidnapping.  Some of them reported on his kidnapping and some of the links provide information, but are not news related.

Click on the picture below to read an article about my Dad.  (Some of the pictures in the website are connected to other links.)



Various Resources to Find Out Info. About My Dad
Only Punjab Website


BBC (UK Edition)


International Herald Tribune Online


The Manila Bulletin Online

The Philippines, up until a few weeks ago, were releasing some details to the public (and they continue to give details to family members- from my understanding) about Robert Tarongoy (the Filipino Accountant kidnapped with my father).  This is how I got information about my Dad.

Favorite Sites
U.S. Embassy in Iraq


Jawa Report


Aljazeera Website

This is the website for Aljazeera television.  Thank you for allowing us to be on aired on your network, and plea for the release of my father.  We hope and pray that it will make a difference.

Iraq Daily Newspaper (Their local paper)


Website for Robert Tarongoy







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